Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emotional blackmail

Elyse: mommy give me a huggie
Me: one secind baby
Elyse: if you don't give me a hug I'm gonna get mad a make a mess and then your gonna get mad.

Well, alrighty then. 3 year old emotional blackmail back by 3 year old logic.

Elyse after huggie: mommy, you smell like strawberries, bananas, and blueberries.

Best compliment ;-)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Amaya's Butterfly Birthday

Amaya's birthday was over a month ago but I had so much fun planning the party I just had to share. I decided on a bright multicolored butterfly themed party. Perfect timing because everywhere I went butterflies were in full effect for spring. Overall, it was a great party, but I'm glad it's the last big party I have to plan....until sweet 16's.

Butterfly made from Amaya's footprints and poster paint
 I found this idea on Pintrest from

 A pretty picture of the favor table set up by my bff Siobhan and buddy Cindy.
Party favors-mini terracotta pots with wildflower seeds and dirt to make your own butterfly garden. Hand cut butterfly decoration with Easter colored sixlet bodies, and butterfly pinata
 Cake table. I never got a better picture of the table and all my hard work but there were butterfly shaped pb&j and nutella and jam sandwiches, chocolate covered pretzels made with a butterfly mold, cereal snack bags tied in the middle with pipe cleaners to look like butterflies, my butterfly cupcakes, and the very inexpensive BJ's butterfly sheet cake.

 My cute butterfly cupcakes. Super easy to make. I combined a bunch of ideas I found online and on Pintrest. The cupcakes were boxed cupcakes but I made the buttercream frosting from scratch. Ideas from here and here

Now on to Elyse's princess party.  Have a lot of fun ideas for this one too, can't wait to share!