Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach adventure

This past Saturday I took Kayla to a birthday party at the town beach club for one of her classmates. It was supposed to be 100 degrees but never really felt that hot. About 2 hours into the party the sky got cloudy and it started to pour. Definite beach party ender.
They invited everyone back yesterday after work just for some pizza and fun since it was her actual birthday.  This time I took Elyse as well.
It was really nice because I haven't really socialized much with the parents in her Kayla's class and I'll be seeing these same parents until 5th grade because she's in the dual language program. We ended up staying way after the sun set and the gates were locked. Beach club members have a key to the gate but they forgot theirs.  The kids were fully ready to spend the night on the beach but we all squeezed through the gates to freedom. The kids thought it was a hilarious adventure.