Friday, April 29, 2011

Final Days of Pregnancy

So I'm almost done with my very last pregnancy and I'm having mixed emotions.  I'm very anxious and scared to see what the rest of my life will be with 3 kids. I feel like I was almost a pro at handling 2, not quite sure how I'll handle 3.  I'm also very nervous about giving birth...did the first 2 naturally without drugs so I'm not going to punk out this time.  There is a small part of me that's like, ef it, get the epidural and be done with it. But I'll ignore that for now.
I find myself wishing that I hadn't been so hormonal during the whole 9 months and been able to enjoy it more. I had really pleasant pregnancies with Kayla and Elyse and this one plain sucked.  I wish I could have been nicer and more patient with the girls too.  I feel like I ripped them off because the last months of just us were basically me being a raging bitch. Nothing I can do about it now but I'll probably always feel guilty about it. Anyway I've done my best to try to prepare mentally, emotionally, and around the house so now all I can do is hope for the best...fingers crossed.
On another note, big shout out to the kind soul at Publix who stopped my husband from buying lettuce when my list called for cilantro. Proud to say he only called 2x during his shopping trip and one of the calls was to see if I wanted a deli sandwich.  Next time I'll make the list a little longer ;-)

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