Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Closet Re-model

The last pain-in-the ass project for the girls room was the closet.  I thought it would be a simple project but of course I had a pregnancy moment measuring the length wrong, and then I had a few moments of momsanity.  I measured the closet at 60 inches wide and knew that was 5 ft but for some reason when I went to Home Depot my brain computed that 60 inches to 6 ft and that is what I bought.  The shelf stayed in a corner of the living room for 2 weeks until the last day of my mom's visit.  Of course when I went to put it up with her I realized what a mistake I had made.  We took a trip to Home Depot to have them cut it down to size but while there I decided a whole closet kit with different size shelves would be better.  There were only 2 kits and both were open. One was obviously missing half of the kit and the other, after me, my mother, and the clerk, checked the box, seemed to have everything I needed.  I never understand how people get things at a discount because it's broken, missing, floor sample, etc.  I asked if I could get a discount because the box was open and I couldn't be sure everything was there.  I got a plain and simple N to the O. After all this I was ready to exchange the shelf for the kit and my receipt was nowhere to be found.  I looked in the kit box, I looked in the bags I had come in with, I checked and double checked my purse-I even checked the garbage at the register.  I was seriously ready to just cry. The clerk was able to pull up my receipt on her computer so it was all ok in the end.  I still have yet to find that receipt. I am convinced I gave it to the clerk and she forgot.
Anyway, I didn't get to put up the shelves until the next day. It was very tedious. It involved a lot of measuring, marking on the walls, leveling, hole drilling, and nail hammering.  I was almost at the end when my husband had to leave to work.  Luckily all the heavy lifting and such was done already. Just when I thought I was done...I was in fact missing a piece from the kit.  The side brackets that anchor the fronts of each shelf were missing.  I had to wait until the weekend was over to contact customer service, then I had to wait 5 days for it to be delivered.  Everything is a story...that's why I have so much to blog about ;-) So after about a week and a half I finally put the finishing touches on the closet and organized it. I am happy to say that the girls now share one closet and everything has a place.  Each girl has one whole row and a small half row for everything I could possibly think of.  I am also equally happy that there are no more PROJECTS to do for their part of it all!!!
Closet before

Closet after :-)

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