Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alone at Last

Thursday I was on my way out to drop something off at my bff's job for my god-son's bday party at daycare when my husband says, "Wait, help me get the kids dressed. I'm going to take them to the park." Elyse is almost 3 years old and he has never taken them anywhere except to friends houses by himself. Sooo, of course I helped him get them dressed. I must admit I wasted some of my free time wandering around the $ store and when I came home I started dinner. But I was able to talk on the phone without any interruptions, whining, crying, screaming, or fighting. It was just QUIET. Then while dinner was cooking I sat down and ate a bowl of Cheetos. Mostly because I knew I could do it while the sun was still out and no one would ask me for any. Best Cheetos EVER.

When Ricky got home with the girls 2 hours later. I was in a very relaxed mood. Best part of the day...after being alone with Papi for a few hours all the girls wanted was PAPI! WoooHoooo!!! Even the dog wanted his attention and it started frustrating him because he couldn't do anything without them finding him and demanding his attention. HAHAHA! Welcome to my world. All in all, very satisfying day ;-)

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