Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Jacob!

Sunday, my godson Jacob turned 3. His little celebration was in the middle of nap time which meant to get there on time I had to leave during lunchtime. So I had to do what I usually hate doing and get fast-food. I ordered a chicken sandwich and they forgot the tomato and cheese...chicken, lettuce and mayo-yum. So worth 8 bucks...not.
We got there before the birthday boy but once he showed up it was a nice little event.
Cheese!! lol
Of course my "I want to act potty trained when I feel like it" child peed on herself. And of course her, "I am extra prepared for all the wrong things" mother, myself, only had extra panties. I later asked myself what good I thought that would do because if something happened where I would need extra panties, it should have been common sense that I would have needed extra bottoms too. There is now an entire outfit in my car for the next emergency. Luckily for me, my bff is always prepared and lent me Jacob's shorts that she had in her car. For the rest of the party, instead of Elyse cutely matching Kayla in a dark blue skirt and white shirt, Elyse looked like a little linebacker with shorts past her knees.
On the way home Elyse was so tired she fell asleep with a lollipop hanging out of her mouth. When I went to take a picture of it at the next red light, it had fallen out and was stuck to her shirt.
Nothing like a little party and cake to wear them out ;-)

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