Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Randomness

Every morning Kayla comes into my room and within 5 minutes asks me if she can check on her restaurant on the itouch.  Every single morning.  Today Elyse woke up first and asked to play with the itouch. Considering that when she first wakes up she is very energetic and talkative, I said sure.  When Kayla came in she asked for her turn.  After giving Elyse some more time, I made her turn it over to Kayla.  Elyse then cried for about 5 minutes because...well, because that's how she is.  In the midst of her tears she tells me, "Mommy, I'm not a baby anymore." Uhm...yea, well that was a very long and clear sentence but you're still crying because you don't know how to take turns sooooo, not so sure you're right buddy. When Kayla's turn was over I sent them downstairs to get their juice cups out of the fridge.  Kayla found the new Yoplait Princess yogurt I bought yesterday and bought me more time in bed :-)  After, she came in my room and told me, "I love you and Papi because when you work together, you make the best family."  Awe, she's the best <3 A few minutes later Elyse comes in my room with a pair of panties in her hand and nothing on.  She insisted she didn't pee on herself and just wanted different panties...ok.  At this point I have to get out of bed.  After investigating I determined she didn't pee anywhere; have no idea why she felt the need for a wardrobe change. I went to find her in the guest room to put on some sweatpants and this is what I found...
Yes, that is a cracked egg on top of the dresser.  Apparently I was a bit premature in thinking Elyse could be trusted to go into the fridge unsupervised.

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  1. Umm Elyse..LMAO.still surprised at some of her stunts..I thought Jacob was a stunt-puller but Elyse has a few checked more than Jacob lol