Monday, March 14, 2011

Pinkalicious Cupcakes

Kayla loves the book Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kahn.  It's not the greatest, most heart-warming story, but I think it appeals to her girly nature.  My mother read it to her once and she memorized the whole book.  Since then she has been asking me to make her some Pinkalicious Cupcakes.  Today I made her very happy and finally did it.  When I told her my plans she immediately asked me if I knew how to make Pinkalicious Cupcakes.  She even bought me the book so I would know what to do.  She was so excited she didn't even care that we didn't have cherries.  I'm sure any disappointment she had was erased when I told her we would be using pink marshmallows instead.  I had her and Elyse help me mix the ingredients and then I put them in pink cupcake liners. I tried to decorate them as close to the book as possible, given the fact that I am no professional baker and the cupcakes in the book are almost as big as the little girl's wonder why she turns pink in the story.
Even before I had them in the oven Elyse was asking "Are the cupcakes ready?" She asked me that about every five minutes until they were done, throughout dinner, and even when she finally got to eat one...I'm starting to think that she just likes to be redundant for no reason.  Either way, they really enjoyed their Pinkalicious Cupcakes.

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