Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally done

I am finally done with the girls' room and all the projects I wanted to do for it. Now I can focus on redoing the glider...something that is probably going to require a lot of focus and time.  Here are the pics I already posted of the room when we got the bunk beds and moved all the toys in there. You can see them bigger here
Soooo, here are the pics of my handy-work and adventures after that.
First thing I did was re-vamp the curtains that were in the room.  The curtains were the first thing I made when I bought my sewing machine. I made them into tab curtains by sewing different colored ribbon on the top to match the colors in Kayla's comforter.

Next I put up a shelf above the toy bins.  Of course, I decided to put up the shelf at the most inconvenient time, 1 hour before bedtime, and when I was all alone.  I just wouldn't be me if I had the patience to wait until the morning when my husband was home to help. It was quite an adventure, let me tell you...I cursed myself a few times for my impatience.  First I had to drill holes in the shelf to attach the brackets. Naturally I attached them all the way on the edges.  Then I started drilling holes in the wall to put up the shelf.  Long story short, there are about 10 holes in the wall due to the fact that I have a crooked eye and I happened to be trying to drill into a wall that is part of the outside of the house and is reinforced with steel.  I finally had to redo the brackets on the shelf in order to avoid the steel beams.  Then I couldn't figure out how the hell I was going to put one side up and then get the other side up all by my pregnant self.  I wasn't willing to admit defeat and wait until the morning for my husband to come home...mostly because he would have freaked out when he saw all the holes.  So this is what I devised...
See the holes in the top right?
That is a very light book shelf, placed on top of the toy bin, and the only other sturdy thing I have 2 of in the house...sterilite storage bins. After I did all that it took less than five minutes to complete the project and I seriously wished I could have smacked myself for not thinking of it an hour earlier. I'd like to add that this whole hour I had the girls running circles around me, trying to touch the drill, the hammer, sitting on the shelf, and asking 50 million questions about what I was doing. But it came out great and level so I guess it was worth it...kinda.
Luckily I KNOW my husband will never touch anything on this shelf so I have time to eventually cover up the holes. He of course said I did a good job putting it up, right after he said "O, more holes in the wall."  The rest of my projects (except the closet, which I'll post separately) weren't as complicated. I made a toy bag for random homeless stuffed animals, a hamper for behind the door since there really isn't any other place for a hamper and these kids need to put their dirty clothes somewhere, and new basket liners. Overall, I'm happy with the end results, especially because it gave me something to do after the kids went to bed.
The other side of the bag is the aqua color of the hamper
Before and after: baby girl to big girl


  1. I love the oldish look the shelf with the stuff animals gives the room...u know me, I love old school. Stuff animals remind me of our young life.
    Now as for the actual work of putting the shelf up...homie I give you props lol I have way less patience than you do but I don't have a crooked eye and I HATE building things and putting things together sooooo with that said I won't even attempt to put my shelfs up for my desk area, I have patience to wait for my dad to be ready :)
    Overall great job!!! : ) can't wait to see x?x?x? Sofia's room lol

  2. I'm still lost for ideas on the babies room but I have time. Not going to start on that until after she's born because she's not going to be in there right away. Thanks though, I love it too.