Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Big Girl Room

During the last 2 weeks I've been really busy redoing the girls room.  Our 3rd bedroom used to be a playroom but in a few months it's going to have to be a nursery again. So my challenge was to condense all of their toys (and these brats have a ridiculous amount of toys and books) into one room along with their beds, clothes, etc. Before, I had the little one in a toddler bed, which was a crib (will be needing that back soon) and the oldest was in a day bed.  The changer/ dresser they both had used as babies was out and the smaller dresser was in the closest. They shared both dressers but the little ones clothes were all hanging up in the playroom closet.  Here's a picture of the room before. 

Please ignore the unmade beds

To make everything work I decided on bunk beds that can later be separated into 2 twin beds and a toy storage system from IKEA.  It took my husband and I almost 6hrs to put the bunk beds together but I love them.  I spent a lot of time and energy researching the perfect option and am happy with the ones I chose.
Bunk bed, dresser, and curtains I want to redo

very messy bookshelf, fits perfectly between the doorway and the closet

little bit of extra space between the beds and the closet

this thing holds a ridiculous amount of toys...for now

Everything fits better than I thought and they have done a surprising job of keeping their room clean considering they never cleaned up the playroom. I still have to add another shelf in their closet so both of their clothes' can fit.  I'm also working on redoing the curtains in their room so I'll post another picture when that's done. But for right now I really like the way it turned out.

Now that they're in their own big girl beds they seem so much older to me. It makes me a little sad :-(
my big girls, happy and ready for bed

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  1. i LOVE it.. came out awesome = ) now we need the new curtains