Monday, February 28, 2011

Mima's Super Busy Visit

My mom was here this past week and it was an awesome visit. She helped out so much and gave me a much needed break. Unfortunately this pregnancy is kicking my butt and I don't feel as well rested as I wish I did. Also, 6 days was not enough to recharge my patience level and the girls are driving me crazier than before. They haven't stopped fighting, whining, and hating each other since my mother left. Makes me wish I could go back to last week.

I picked up my mom the night before after the girls were already asleep. They were pleasantly surprised to see her when they woke up. So was I. She kept them out of my bed and room for the better part of the next 6 mornings. Once I did drag myself out of bed, we went to JoAnn's where I chose a fabric for the glider I am going to recover. After an hour debating which fabric to choose, while my mother chased my 2 wild children around the store, I am still thinking about returning it. This will be the 2nd time I return a fabric for this project. Kayla got to choose a yarn for my mom to crochet her a blanket.
After that we went to Menchie's for some yummy frozen yogurt. Pretty much called it a day after that-for them. I got to go to Chilli's and watch my girlfriends enjoy cocktails while I downed 3 strawberry lemonades. Forgot that in my non-pregnant days I never really liked Chilli's but used to go for the great 2 for 1 drink deals. Bitter sweet outing.

Left the kids with my mother while I went to the OB for my monthly visit and 7 month glucose test...YUM! While there I was reminded of how difficult it is to get all of your pee in a cup when you can't see what's going on past your belly. Thinking maybe next time I'll just give them my hand to test. Pretty much the highlight of that appt.
After Elyse woke up from her nap we met my friend and her daughter at an indoor bouncy house. Never going there again. My friend loves the place because she only has one child, who is very attached and doesn't let her breath. She gets to relax while her daughter runs around and wears herself out. Plus it's super cheap. First time there and I was not a fan. Neither was my mother who was pretty much spazzing out the whole time. The bouncy houses run on noisy generators so they had kiddie music PUMPING to cover the generator noise. Plus the bouncy houses are so big you can barely see your child. Not that big of a deal with Kayla but different story with Elyse. They had a toddler toy area-visibility blocked by a small bounce house and no batteries in any of the toys. The one time Elyse attempted the smaller bounce house a boy bounced on her head. When she tried the larger one she got trapped and scared and I had to bounce my pregnant self in there and rescue her. Day over, we left.


Spent a very nice and relaxing day at the beach. The weather was PERFECT for relaxing at the beach. The girls had a blast in the water with my mom, made sand castles, and collected sea shells. Best day of the vacation I think.

At about 5am I was woken up by something digging into my back. Thinking my husband had rolled over to my side I pushed it away only to realize it was Elyse's head. By about 6am I was done trying to get her back to sleep. When I went to pick her up I realized she was naked from the waist down. YAY, she had peed her bed, stripped down, and came to my bed. Apparently I had forgotten to put a pull-up on under her panties after her bath the night before. Luckily she was sleeping on top of her favorite pillow and blanket and didn't get the mattress wet. However, my dryer was out of commission. Later we went to Ross and I bought her some new pretty pink sheets with purple butterflies-very girly. We made a stop at Barnes and Nobles where my mom had them pick some books for her to buy them. I picked up Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems, a story about a toddler whose Daddy temporarily loses her favorite bunny. The story was too close for comfort for Kayla and she almost cried. She decided she wanted a book called Pinkalicious. She pretty much memorized the whole story by the time we were out of Barnes and Noble. After dropping them off at home I went to pick up my god-son from daycare for a play-date. After a very loud and chaotic play-date it was bed time. At this point the girls were a bit over-tired and Kayla was very disappointed that the wonderful new sheets belong to Elyse and I didn't get her any. Too tired to care.

Took a very quick and not so quiet trip to the library. Picked up some cookbooks for me and tons of books for the girls. Stopped at IKEA, of course didn't leave empty handed. The girls love going there because they have a lot of fun playing in the children's model rooms. At one point while Kayla was in one room, I looked over at Elyse in the adjacent room and she was standing kinda funny and looking at me weird. In one second I know that my child had pooped in her panties...lucky me. I had to rush to the beginning of the children's section to the family bathroom and strip off her panties and clean her up. She continued the rest of our adventure sans panties.

Back home for dinner, bath, bed. Kayla was STILL whining about the sheets not being hers. My mother, god-bless her, tried to make her happy by taking the flat sheet and wrapping her mattress with it. She's a saint because I was seriously ready to shut the light and let her deal with the injustices of her life. My mom spent 20 minutes and a lot of effort to climb to the top bunk and try to make it as nice as possible. When she was done my wonderful child was still not satisfied because her pillow didn't match. UGGGGHHH!

We all went to a park I had driven past a few weeks ago. It was really nice and thank god my husband went because I was too exhausted to lift kids up for monkey bars or push a swing for 20 straight minutes. For lunch we went to a little cafe and sat down for a quick lunch. Poor Elyse hadn't had a proper nap since Monday and almost put her head down on the table and fell asleep. Once home I tried to take advantage of my mom's home-repair skills to have her help me re-shelve the girls closet. But pregnancy brain struck again...I bought a shelf that was too long. Back to Home Depot where I switched the shelf for a whole closet organization kit. By then it was too late to get it done. Dinner, bath, bed, and sad goodbyes.

Took my mom to the airport at 4:45am then back home to reality. Reality that includes no fun IPad to distract my kids and no 20+ years of experience in dealing with whiny, annoying kids. In short, I miss my mom.


  1. Just read this....I was cracking up the entire time. Love it! And I wish I could of spent more time with Mima...since the hour that I was there I was too busy looking over my stunt-pulling, tarzan of a child.